Apr 122014



I don’t get sentimental often. In fact, if I I’ve told you that I love you, I can count all of you on one hand. You also know I’ve fucked WAY more of you than that (and that I love big dick)!

But who better to sum up all of my loves than the break-out star of RuPaul’s Drag Race: Willam Belli, himself! Willam breaks down Selena’s song in ways Selena can only dream about (both the song and the dick she’s currently riding). Here are a few of my favorite lyrics:

no shade, no tea
i’m a size queen looking for 23 (centimeters!)
want your whole enchilada inside of me (whoa, too spicy!)
with no queso please
dick cheese makes me wheeze
and i also like BBC:

Big Black Cock please
if you don’t get down
brothers gather round (c’mere!)
what can [brown] do for you, fuck me boo, hell bring your crew
so fun, let me spit my gum

I, I love you like a big schlong baby
I, I love you like a big schlong baby (oh, it’s gonna hurt!)
I, I love you like a big schlong baby
and i keep makin’ it skeet skeet skeet skeet skeet skeet

(don’t be rounding’ up!)