May 242011

I placed an ad on and described what I was looking for. I immediately received several replies, and picked a guy that I thought had the most experience in bondage and would treat me right.

When he arrived at my house I was expecting fuzzy handcuffs and maybe some straps, but instead he brought a shopping bag full of saran wrap, with the intention of binding me up with it.

It was a slow process: first he slowly undressed me and sensually rubbed massage oil all over my skin. He then proceeded to wrap me in 3 boxes of saran wrap, starting with my ankles and working his way up my body to my neck. I realized half way through the process that saran wrap was a more effective bondage method than others because it completely immobilizes you. I experienced a little twinge of fear thinking of all the bad things that could happen, but I put it out of my mind.

After I was fully mummified, he laid me gently on the bed and got out a pair of scissors. Again, I had that twinge of fear about what was next, but he used the scissors the cut holes around my breasts and my pussy, and then started playing with both. That’s when it started getting really hot, as I realized he could do what he wanted with me and I was totally powerless to stop it.

He opened my sex toy drawer, but I couldn’t make out what he pulled out, which heightened my senses. The first item was nipple clamps, which he placed on my nipples and tightened down so they were poking out about an inch. I was enjoying the pleasure/pain experience while he brought his cock up and slid it into my mouth. He slowly fucked my mouth, sliding in until my lips were resting on his balls and then sliding out until the head of his cock rested on my lips. He continued to slowly fuck my throat while flicking my nipples and clitoris until he came, pumping his hot, sticky cum down my throat. I had no choice but to swallow his load.

He then blindfolded me and took off the nipple clamps, only to place on of them on my clitoris. I hadn’t ever clamped my clit, so this was a completely new experience for me. I was still adjusting to the new sensations, and then I felt him applying lube on and in my pussy, making sure that everything was very slick. I then felt the head of a large dildo pressing against the entrance to my pussy. This is when I vocalized my alarm: that I didn’t want to be stretched out with a huge dildo. He laughed and told me to be quiet. Slowly the dildo was slid into me and it was indeed bigger than I was used to, but he continued to slide it into me even though I wiggled and tried to slow down it does. I begged him to just fuck me, but he laughed and said that this was more fun. He pushed the dildo into me until it was pressed against my cervix and there was no way anything else could fit in my pussy. My pussy was a little sore and so I told him; he laughed and said that he would give me time to adjust- and then he left the room!

I was very surprised, but after a few minutes I realized that even though my pussy was stretched and my clitoris was pinched and both things were throbbing, there was an aspect of pleasure to both things. I started wiggling my body around a little bit to rub the head of the dildo back and forth on my g-spot, trying to make myself cum.

I was about to come when he came back into the room. He came over and straddled my face, sliding his cock back in my throat as he began fucking my pussy with the dildo. It felt fantastic to have his cock in my mouth, but it was difficult to breathe; I had to gulp air in the times that he pulled back. It definitely heightened the sensations in my pussy, as I started orgasming again and again around that very fat dildo. I was so lost in my own world that I was surprised when he came; I almost chocked on it but managed to swallow it without incident.

Once he came he took the dido out of my pussy, removed the clit clamp, and then proceeded to cut the saran wrap off of me. He then left without a word.