Jan 222014

 Miley Cyrus needs to step back and take notes while a deeply seasoned ho owns her song and video in ways she never could.

The raw sexiness! The palpable emotion! The tangible vulnerability! The little white panties hiding the national treasure within! 

 Ron Jeremy needs to start working on his visual album, ASAP. Beyonce, who?

Jun 202013

There’s usually a discrepancy between how a person sounds and the way they look.

Iggy Azalea takes that to the extreme, in only the best way possible:


I may be a little late to the fan club, but I think I’m in love.


Oh, and miss Miley Cyrus: Iggy wore that sheer swimsuit with the palm tree nipple covers that you rock in your “We Can’t Stop” video first, and better, I might add:


Nov 262012

These Hotties are showing us the proper way to pose for a picture: purse your lips as high as they go and give us your best Hot Bitch face. Show the world that you’re a hottie AND a slut. Even Miley Cyrus puffs her lips like a duck for pictures, and she’s one of the taste makers for her generation.

This is a phenomenon that’s not going away, so we all better start appreciating the duck-face.

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