May 022014


The life of a sugar baby should be pretty easy: look hot, service your sugar parent, collect your earnings, keep your mouth shut and be happy with your lot in life. But enter V. Stiviano. She’s a hot 30-something year old multiracial woman who’s been fucking a billionaire. One might think that fucking a billionaire is the highest a sugar baby can climb on the social ladder, but not for V. Stiviano. She just became a modern day Rosa Parks by publicly proving what many already knew: her billionaire trick is a racist.

Now many of you will try to dismiss V. as a hero, saying that she’s a gold digger, or only did it to sell copies of her book or blackmail her trick. And while may be true that V. had ulterior motives, ultimately who cares? Does anyone currently care whether Rosa Parks  wanted to be a hero, or whether she just didn’t want to get out of her seat? Does who you are make your actions any less nobel? I think not, so get that money, V.! And fuck your fair-weather friend who calls you out on how you’ve treated your sugar daddy (but publishing books calling out the rappers you’ve fucked is OK?). V. had the balls to show the world that no one should be able to get away with being a racist asshole, not even a billionaire!

So lets raise a toast to Ms. Stiviano. I look forward to learning more about her, and potentially reading her book. Hopefully she fares well through the upcoming/ongoing lawsuits and slander, and continues to hold her head high with the confidence that she’s significantly contributed to our society!