Apr 092014


Isn’t it cute? All pink and perky!

Demi is also cute, but is here to give us a lesson in regrettable tattoos. The one on her rib cage should read “You make me beautiful”, but I’ll I’m getting is “chainsaw blade chopping off bird wings”. There also appears to be some birds on her arm, trying to get away from the chainsaw blade. ┬áIf Demi’s tattoos have taught me anything, it’s that if you can’t identify what a tattoo is in a mirror a couple of feet away while taking a selfie of your boobs, then you probably shouldn’t get it. Girls, please test this out at home before getting your ink done! A little bit of foresight will definitely elevate your nude selfie game!

Dec 162013

dylansprouse1 dylansprouse2

Shown here pulling a page from the “how to transition from Disney child star to adult actor” playbook, Dylan Sprouse is giving us some side cock and scrotum cupping realness, just like his publicist told him. Slutty, yet not nonredeemable. Twinky, yet still sort of wholesome for the teenage girl fan base. I guess if I were 16 I might hit it. These days it more like “show me your erect cock and I’ll think about it”.