Jul 042011

Today’s Porn Scene Of The Day features two of my favorite things: ass shaking and anal sex. Porn star Jada Stevens is a double threat: she has a juicy ass that takes cock like nobody’s business and she can ass dance while taking cock. Jada also has a classic “onion” shaped ass… enjoy!

Video clip here

More pictures here

Jun 092011

I’m a fan of Shakira’s body, but not usually her music. I am, however, a fan of Pitbull’s music, so I’ll listen to just about anything he’s in, including a Shakira song .One of Shakira’s last singles “She Wolf” was totally unlistenable for me, but I ended up watching the video a couple of times on mute just to watch her writhe around in a square cage and show me her tight little ass. This time she’s stepped up both her music game (thanks to Pitbull) and her body game (thanks to less clothing and a stripper pole) in “Rabiosa”. Now that I’ve listened to the tune, I think I’ll just watch her strip some more on mute starting at 0:50 into the video… I really can’t resist a fine ass shaking in front of me!

May 202011

I suffer from a condition of being totally hypnotized by round asses shaking in front of me. I’m not sure how many others suffer from the same condition but there has to be at least a few more. Treatment for the disease involves searching for the best “ass shaking” YouTube has to offer:

Whooty the eternal classic and the original video that got me hooked on ass shaking in the first place

Sluts shaking their asses for the camera

Here’s a nice little white slut (LWS) who knows how to shake her ass to the beat

This  LWS is not so much booty shaking, but rather showing off her dick taking skills, which are still entertaining

Now all I need is a little masturbatory release and then I’ll be cured for a few more hours