Aug 012013

For all of the ladies who have been complaining for the last 30+ years about how the USA is obsessed with boobs, this is your year! Put those itty bitty titties away and whip out that donk, because in 2013, it’s officially all about the ass. It don’t matter if your butt is little or big, tight or jiggly; if there’s any shape at all to it, we want to see it and obsess over it.

Fist off, we have Major Lazer giving us ass in a range of pudding consistencies, from smooth and creamy to rich and chunky.  With a side of hose-in-valley-girl-anus:



And then there’s Flo Rida, who clearly wanted giant donks, but didn’t want to deal with the chunky factor, so he just CGI’ed the hell out of them:



I could go on, but there’s only so many ass shots that one person can take at any given time. Although overall, I think we’re making progress. A nation of consumerism and excess can’t just be known for one body part. We are now showing the world that we can obsess over any and all overblown, plasticized body parts.