May 272011

Also, a continuation of “My Favorite Anal Porn Scene” post

I find the sight of a large black erect cock penetrating a woman’s ass unbelievably erotic. Preferably a white ass, since the on camera black/white skin contrast is a bonus for me. My black cock preference also comes from the fact that black men average larger cocks, at least on camera. (When it comes down to it, any anal scene holds my interest)

My pleasure is doubled if the woman has to work to take it. A great example is one of my favorite porn scenes with Lexington Steele and Monica Sweetheart (seen here): He’s gorgeous and talented and hung like a donkey and she’s a cute blonde bimbette about have anal sex with a cock she’s woefully unprepared for. The scene starts with her posing, then her attempts at a lackluster blowjob. I would like Lex to have forced the young nubile girl take more of his amazing cock in her mouth. Oh well. Then he fucks her pussy, and you can tell she’s tight. Lex does his thing- up, down, sideways- I swear there’s not an angle of a pussy this man couldn’t hit. And she’s making little squeaking noises so you know she’s feeling good amounts of the length and girth of him. Then comes my favorite part. He starts to slide inside of her, slowly at first and then with building speed. You see her stop him and the scene cuts. The next time you see her: her ass is smeared with lubricant, she’s working her clit over with a vibrator, sweating and has an even more uncomfortable expression on her face. I wish they hadn’t cut the scene. He’s getting more cock into her, but clearly it took work and force and a liberal dose of lube. Well worth watching. ?! He proceeds to continue sliding his delicious dick in and out of her now stretched butt .. mmmm… until he pulls out and cums all over her tits and face. Whew.

That scene always makes me cum so hard. I have to give the girl credit: she may have learned her lesson but she agreed do an anal scene with Lex and she followed through with it. She managed to take his cock with some struggle and lots of squeaking, but she let him fuck her thoroughly in the ass and get through the scene. I’m just not enough woman to take that much cock in my ass, no matter how much I worked at it. Don’t get me wrong, when I masturbate to that scene I usually have a well- sized dildo for anal stimulation. I’m just a fan (especially of Lex the hung hunk), and if was ever faced with the real thing I would probably pass out in lust and the potential pain of being fucked in the ass with a monster.

Gang bangs are my other preferred way of watching black cocks work over young girls. Double penetration.. Yum! A couple of  young sluts, 6-10 well hung muscular black men and a vat of lubricant is just the ticket to my visual party. I want to see their lipstick smeared off on multiple cocks… and I want their mascara to run with the tears of having cocks forced down their cute little throats. Is that sadistic? I have the utmost respect for porn actresses who can take as much cock as I dream about, but I still want to see them work for it. Come on guys.. grab her by the hair and fuck her face! There no need to wait until later in the scene for that ass either: there’s enough penis to fill every orifice so start filling her. Grab her hips and fuck her already! She needs be on top of the guy in her pussy, with a bigger cock in her ass from the guy behind her, and also be blowing and giving handjobs to everyone else. She needs to also look grateful or overwhelmed or both, then I’m really happy. I imagine myself to be in the actress’s place while I’m watching, find some big dildos that I know I can handle, and cum repeatedly.

I only wish I were brave enough to find the men to take that much cock. So until I get the gumption up to discover and take a black porn-quality cock in my ass, I’m left fantasizing about it continuously. I want to give Lex and the many other black male porn stars the credit they deserve: they have kept my masturbatory life healthy and strong and hopefully will continue to do the same for many years to cum. Kudos also to the myriad of nubile young porn actresses who voluntarily take on the monsters. After all, the only thing better then black cock is more of it!

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