Apr 212014



I love Iggy Azalea. Now that Amber Rose is off doing mommy things, Iggy has become my #1 fantasy threesome partner. Iggy looks like a model but sounds like hood rat. She comes from a small town in the middle of nowhere but has made a significant life for herself. She has a solid grasp on what “art” should consist of. And she’s got an authentic juicy ass…. what’s not to like?

In the video above, she describes how she could “Change Your Life” for some man. Sort of similar Beyonce’s “Upgrade U”, but with some real feminism (not Beyonce’s post-Beauty Queen fake ish)

Which I think is an interesting concept. Is society ready for women to play the dominant, historically male role in a relationship? Is any given male out there prepared to have his life elevated by a woman? I would think that there are a few who might think that the financial aspect of that concept could be fun, but would they have a strong enough sense of self and self-esteem to handle the reality? I just don’t know. But Iggy has given me hope that it’s coming by putting the concept into her music.

Now if I could just get into her pants…..



Apr 122014



I don’t get sentimental often. In fact, if I I’ve told you that I love you, I can count all of you on one hand. You also know I’ve fucked WAY more of you than that (and that I love big dick)!

But who better to sum up all of my loves than the break-out star of RuPaul’s Drag Race: Willam Belli, himself! Willam breaks down Selena’s song in ways Selena can only dream about (both the song and the dick she’s currently riding). Here are a few of my favorite lyrics:

no shade, no tea
i’m a size queen looking for 23 (centimeters!)
want your whole enchilada inside of me (whoa, too spicy!)
with no queso please
dick cheese makes me wheeze
and i also like BBC:

Big Black Cock please
if you don’t get down
brothers gather round (c’mere!)
what can [brown] do for you, fuck me boo, hell bring your crew
so fun, let me spit my gum

I, I love you like a big schlong baby
I, I love you like a big schlong baby (oh, it’s gonna hurt!)
I, I love you like a big schlong baby
and i keep makin’ it skeet skeet skeet skeet skeet skeet

(don’t be rounding’ up!)

Nov 282011



Classic song. My favorite section is stanking ass bitches at 1:56. Video is kinda lame and I could do without the kitten fist-pumping at the end, but whatever. It’s all about the song anyway.

Big booty bitches thats where it gets
Come on, hoe, let’s go to the easy rest
When I see ass, titties, ass ‘n titties

If you a light-skinned bitch that think you the shit,
I can buy you, hoe, ’cause bitch I’m rich.
I see broke-ass hoes, broke-ass hoes

If you a freaky-dancin’ ho, keep shakin’ that shit
Let’s see how you shake it on top of my dick
And you’ll say “Assault, I’m cuming. Assault, I’m cuming

Stankin ass bitches that need to wash up
Dont get mad when i dont want to fuck
You need soap and water, soap and water