Apr 232014

hydrogen peroxide

Fabric blood removal instructions (OK, this should be easy):

  • sheets: hydrogen peroxide
  • towels: hydrogen peroxide
  • panties: hydrogen peroxide
  • car seats: hydrogen peroxide
  • carpeting: hydrogen peroxide
  • etc.

Apply hydrogen peroxide to blood (even if dry and/or old), let it bubble, repeat as necessary.

Any Questions?  😉

Apr 112014


Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) is pretty yucky: it is the most common vaginal infection, and can effect over 50% of the female population at any given time, causing a nasty fishy odor and some weird discharge.

It’s not always caused by sex. Not all of the causes are known, but it’s basically an overgrowth of “bad” bacteria in a vagina. I’ve suffered from BV once or twice in my life, and I personally think it has everything to do with what hormones I’m producing at any given time in my cycle. Also, leaving cum and using lubricants in my vagina can cause BV symptoms for me (more goodies for bacteria to eat!).

If you’ve had BV and treated it via standard US medicine protocols, you know it can cause a vicious cycle: the antibiotics given to treat BV kill all the bacteria in your vagina (including the “good” ones), leading to a yeast infection. Then, when you treat the yeast infection, the BV returns. And repeat.

The CDC suggests the  following basic prevention steps to lower your risk of developing BV:

  • Not having sex;
  • Limiting your number of sex partners

To which I say: NOT FUCKING LIKELY! This is not a workable solution, so there must be another way!

Many of the home remedies to treat BV involve probiotics, and include putting yogurt and whole capsules of Acidophilus in your vagina. I’ve tried these solutions, and I don’t recommend the yogurt. The whole Acidophilus capsules also don’t dissolve in a vagina well, and can still be there a day or two later. Not good. So I recommend the following:

  • Buy Acidophlus/probiotic tablets with the least amount of fillers and additives that you can find
  • Crush a tablet up into powder
  • Dampen your fingertip to get a good coating of probiotic powder on it
  • Stick that finger in your pussy and work it around, Girl!
  • Repeat as necessary

The best part of this method is that it doesn’t inhibit your sexual activities. In fact, getting dick will just help to work that probiotic around into places that you can’t reach with a finger. Once it’s up in there. sleep on it, and your fishy odor should improve by morning. Wash your vagina and repeat as necessary (wash with water, not douche). This method also works with minor yeast infections. However, if you aren’t getting the results you need, please see a doctor! Pussies are important, and should be treated as a health priority. Good luck!

May 142013


You may have noticed that I have a thing for blowjobs. But it’s much more serious than that: I love to worship cock.

BDSM glossary of terms defines Cock Worship as play which involves the fantasy of worshiping the cock.   Performed mostly by the submissive to the Dominant.   Scenes might include licking and / or fellatio. Even some female Dominants may use strap-ons that are worshiped by the submissive male or female.

But you can’t really define the visceral feeling of taking that throbbing dick in your mouth, running your lips and tongue and saliva all over it…. the experience of that cock taking over your mouth, your senses… having that cock and the pleasure of its owner become the only thing that matters in  your world. Mmmmm. And I know I’m not the only one who feels this way.

If you’re a woman looking to brush up on your cock worshiping skills, a good general guide to fellatio can be found here on asstr.org (the best place to go for all forms of written sex). The author understands that oral sex is an art form, and should be practiced for improvement. And if you’re looking to have cock worship explained from another female sub’s perspective, you can find it here.

If you’re a man who wants to find the perfect cock worshiper, well that becomes a little more difficult. I think the most basic requirement is to find a willing participant. Preferably either a woman who either loves sucking cock, or a submissive woman who just wants to please.  But please don’t start with someone who doesn’t enjoy oral sex… it’s never going to get any better.

But once you found her, you need to train her in the best ways to please your cock. It’s not always practical or necessary to go for a full slave training, so lets start with cock worship from a dominant male perspective.

Yummy, right?


Feb 242012

It’s time for everyone to step up their lube game!

Have you ever been in the middle of ass play, with ass juice everywhere, only to discover that you need more lube? Of course you have. We all have. And so what do you do? You reach for the lube bottle and  immediately pour some more lube as to not put a damper on your anal activities. And while it may not matter in the heat of the moment, you’ve simultaneously spread ass juice all over your bottle of lube.

Now all of you should know that the cardinal rules of ass play is that you don’t go ass to pussy. (And if you don’t know, you should pay attention. Ignore any pornographic discrepancies you might find) Once you spread ass juice on your lube bottle, you’ve no choice but to contaminate your hands with ass bacteria every time you use your lube. Which also means that you’ll likely to get ass bacteria in your or your partners pussy, and that’s never a good thing (the bacteria causes vaginosis, which makes a pussy smell like a 20 lb. tuna fish left to rot on the dock for 3 days). Even if you’re not partaking in anal activities, the continual use of a lube bottle can lead to bacterial contamination. And no one like to handle a sticky bottle of lube, right? So what to do?

Enter the hands-free lube dispenser. You pop a couple of batteries in the unit, fill up the reservoir with your favorite lube, and suddenly you’re in automatic lube dispensing bliss.

 A company called Intima has recently begun marketing a lube specific dispenser, which is awesome. But if you can’t or won’t spend the ~$45 for the purpose-build device, then you can create the same effect with just about any model of automatic liquid soap dispenser (I just saw one at the bargain grocery market for $9.99).

And yes, if you’re bringing over a new partner for some fun, a hands-free lube dispenser might make you look like a major player. But once you demonstrate the practicality of such an item, all will be good. Or you can just own up to the fact that you’re a player, which is even better. Either way, anyone with any use for sexual lubricant needs to own a hands-free lube dispenser!

Jul 062011


Now pay attention, because this is a cardinal rule every slut should live by: Always (and I mean always) smell it first! It doesn’t matter whether you’re male or female, gay or straight, the first step you take after meeting some new fuck and deciding you’re going to have any type of body to genital contact is that you you get in there and check it all out before you lick it or stick it in any way.

But how do you manage to keep a cool head and assess the situation when you’re falling on each other like ravenous beasts with a scrap of meat? Please see the following:

Step one is the sniff test. There are quite a few ways to execute an inconspicuous sniff test. After a little fondling (so it’s not so obvious) you can put your hand down there, rub around a bit, and then pull your hand out and find a way to whiff it (nose scratch?). If you see any amount of dick cheese, send it home, don’t eat it like this poor girl! If it smells a little funky but you still really want to fuck it, you can suggest a “hot” shower where you make out and rub your hands all over each other. Then you can make sure it gets well cleaned before you head into the bedroom. If it still smells funky after the shower, give up on it and send it home!

Step two is the visual inspection. If you’ve never seen herpes or genital warts in person you’re damn lucky, but brush up on how to spot them with the links below (gross picture alert!). Make sure that if you see any of them, or even suspect you see any of them, you should abort the fuck act immediately until you can find out more.

Step three is safety first. Always use a condom! There are diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis C that you won’t be able to see that can seriously fuck you up. I’m not going to be preachy and say that you always have to use a dental dam or a condom for oral because I know that not many people go to those safety extremes. Just be careful with yourself because it’s a jungle out there!




Jul 052011

It’s officially summer, and what better way to celebrate than to get your fuck on, on the beach! Now you amateurs may just get drunk and go at it and end up sunburned with sand ground into your holes, but here at Little White Slut we believe in all forms of protection: sunscreen, beach blanket, and condoms! And before you tell me you’re just going in the water to have sex, check out this site for the reasons you don’t want to do that: bacterial and yeast infections, pregnancy and STDs. Oh, and it dries out your cooch too!

So maybe you’ve decided it’s better to just watch other people fuck on the beach… well I’ve got you covered:

Videos are here, here, here and here

Pictures are here and here


Jun 152011


A true slut never slows down on the sex, even for her period. While most folks are not opposed to throwing down a towel and going at it during that time of the month, you’re still left with a bloody mess that is not very visually appealing either during or after the sex act. Men don’t usually like blood clots on their dick, nor are they looking to gain their red wings (except, of course, there’s always the deviants). Waiting until after your period to have sex is also not an option, so what’s a slut to do?

Enter Softcups (or any other brand of menstrual cup): a disposable cup that you insert into your vagina which holds period blood. Just thoroughly clean your vagina with water, insert the Softcup, and voila: you’ve got bought yourself a few hours of pretty much blood-free sex.

Now don’t expect the Softcup to be completely fail safe, as you may still get traces of blood here and there depending on how long and how vigorous you fuck. Softcups do a pretty good job of blocking off the flow of blood at your cervix, but some can seep out depending on your body position and his dick size. If it’s been more than a few hours since you’ve prepped, you can just pull out your cup, wash it out, insert it back into your vagina, and you’re ready to go again. If your vagina is overly dry from washing you can put a little lube on the ring of the cup before you insert it.

The other option for less-bloody sex would be to use the same technique described above with a diaphragm. Diaphragms, however, are only available via  prescription, which requires you to get a pelvic exam to be “fitted” to the right size of diaphragm. Softcups  are available at your local drugstore.

Hopefully this tip helps you out a little on your slut journey (or at least cuts down on your bloody laundry). Please remember that Softcups do not prevent STDs or pregnancy, so always use condoms!

Jun 102011

Russell Crowe ran his mouth on Twitter recently about how circumcision is barbaric and how he doesn’t believe in it. He’s since apologized for his rant, but I think Russell made some OK arguments in the rant, such as how woman’s circumcision is considered barbaric while men’s is not. That’s a topic that I’ve pondered at length myself…. yes, they cut off a whole lot more flesh during woman’s circumcision and it’s done later in life, but the base concept is similar. I think that if I had a son I would choose not to circumcise, but do believe the circumcise/don’t circumcise choice is a personal one.

The public debate on whether to cut or not is a tough one because circumcision needs to happen early in a male child’s life. Have you ever seen the results of an adult circumcision? I have, and it’s really ugly: jagged scar tissue surrounding a cock head is no good for anyone. Circumcision needs to happen in babies, but once it’s done there’s no going back, despite what those “regrow your foreskin” folks might tell you.

There’s a whole uncut dick movement in San Francisco  who’s members are called “intactivists”. They have managed to get a bill outlawing circumcision onto the city’s November ballot. That will be the first litmus test to whether the majority want uncut cocks or not.  I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that this bill will not pass because even gay men want the choice between cut and uncut man meat for their freaky times. You can read more about the SF bill here.

I personally enjoy both cut and uncut cock, but uncut cock is the minority in the US, so it’s more of a treat if you can find it. If you haven’t actually seen real foreskin in person, you can see a few varieties here. There are pros and cons to uncut cock head: it is much more sensitive and it can be comfortably stroked without lubricant, but it may also be harder to keep clean.  I’ve never had an uncut cock in any type of long-term relationship, so I mostly only know what I read (and what I know from the few uncut cock I’ve had the pleasure to play with).

Russell Crowe also stood up for a woman’s right to choose whether to have an abortion or not, so he wins points from me on all counts this time. If you really want to read and/or see more of Russell, you can at Celebitchy and Dlisted. In the meantime, rock out with your cock out, no matter if it’s circumcised or not. Oh… but if it’s huge and uncut, call me immediately!

Jun 052011

What is with these male celebrities that can’t take a dick picture to save their life? It’s not a difficult thing to do; there’s really only one rule to follow for a good dick pic: make sure the dick is hard before you take the picture. I’m totally over the semi-erect pictures that keep coming out (a chubbed up dick is not an erect dick). I’m almost to the point where I’d rather not see dick than see limp dick (almost).

I think some guys  mistakenly think that if they’re only partially erect, people will assume they’re a grower and that there’s a lot more dick to come. I don’t fall for that ol’ okey doke. When I see a limp dick pic (usually when I’m trolling for big dick on a dating site), this is what goes through my mind:

  • That dick doesn’t ever get totally hard (it stays soft even when fully erect and is not worth my time)
  • There’s an impotence issue going on (totally not worth my time)
  • The guy is too lazy to make the effort to get fully erect before taking the picture (a selfish lover and not worth my time)

Are you sensing a theme here? If not, let me spell it out: limp dick is not worth my time!!

Lets review the recent offenders, shall we?

First, there’s Tito Ortiz (above). The smile and rock hard abs are very nice, but then the limp dick catches your attention and all is lost. Yes, it’s nicely groomed. And yes, it looks like it MIGHT have potential, but I’m still not hooking up with it until I see it fully erect (but call me immediately if the head is anywhere near his belly button).

Next, there’s Chris Brown. Now we all know that he’s a total douche, but let’s put that aside for now and just examine the goods, shall we?

Hmmm.. thin with a little tip. Nothing to write home to mom about. I’m even going to venture a guess that it’s not impressive fully erect either, if it even gets fully erect (anger issues and impotence issues seem to go hand in hand).

Then there’s Jamie Foxx:

Like Tito, Jamie has a nice body and a penis that looks like it has potential. I want to like it just because it could be Big Black Cock. But again, it’s limp. I think the problem here is that male celebrities don’t have to work to get laid. The women (and/or men) who receive these photos are just so excited about the potential of fucking a celebrity that they throw all of their hard-earned digital-age sex partner selection skills right out of the window. Male celebrities don’t even have to try to get laid, so they’ve never learned how to take a proper cock pic.

In fact, the only famous person that’s sent out a semi-decent dick pic is the politician Anthony Weiner. Yes, it’s covered with cloth. But notice how it’s erect and you can see a fat cock head ridge? This alone makes it far more appealing then any of the other dick pics I’ve posted above. Makes you want to chew those manties right off and suck that cock. But then you get to the face pic and you have second thoughts….

May 312011

Sometimes you come across a monster dick (if you’re lucky) and realize that it’s just too long and/or girthy to get it all in your mouth and throat. Then what’s a slut to do? Well I’ve found a few porn clips of girls in that very predicament and we can all see how they managed their cocks…

The girl above realizes that the cock is too thick for her and decides to go for the “just the tip” approach: licking up and down the shaft, swirling her tongue around and biting the head, as well as swiveling her head back and forth while sucking the tip. A good all around technique (except maybe for some people the biting), and very visually stimulating. The link also containing a hot video clip of her taking that same cock tip into her pussy too… nice!


This girl uses the double-fisted approach: slip and slide both hands all around the shaft to compensate for what you can’t get into your mouth. While she does manage to get most of that sausage tube (the 16 ouncer, not the 12 ounce pussy roll) into her mouth, hold the applause because it’s wasn’t completely rock hard to start with.

This girl  (Cathy Heaven) uses the balls-out approach: go gonzo on that dick and repeatedly stuff in as much as you possibly can every time. This, I think, is my favorite technique.

Cathy also looks a lot like Lea Michele from Glee, especially when she doesn’t have a mouth full of cock. I wonder if she sings too?

The girl above is just dialing it in: she gives him the look of “do I really have to continue sucking it when it’s clear that I can’t?”. I wouldn’t have even included her but the other 2 clips of her getting over-stuffed with that cock are worth it. It’s the “I really took too much cock but I have to grin and bear it” look, only this time with pussy!

If you want to get the chick above to suck your cock properly, you got to just get on top of her and face-fuck your cock into her mouth. That’s what I’m ta-ta-talking ’bout…